Halion6: Note-on to trigger random loop start

I’ve been trying to work this out now for quite a while and watched a few YouTube videos however I’ve not made any progress.

Let’s say I have a series of 16th notes, I would like my loop to start at a random point each note. Conceptually it’s quite easy however I’m stumped.

I would have expected the combination of the attached to work (ie, randomised velocity and assignment to sample start) however it doesn’t do a thing.

That said even if I get that combo to work it seems a bit convoluted and I’d like to contain it within Halion if possible.


Modifier Halion

Hi Mushy_Mushy,
you need to set the “Start Range” in the sample editor. It determines the range for sample start offset modulation. If Sample Start is selected as a modulation destination in the modulation matrix, the Start Range parameter controls the sample portion that is affected by the start offset modulation. If this parameter is set to zero, no sample start modulation is performed.
To get a random modulation triggered by a “note on” simply add “Noise” as Source2/Modifier just below Source 1 (Note-on Velocity).

best regards

Fantastic. Thanks Gerrit.

Working a treat now :+1: