HALion6-What happens to my HALion 5 content?

I’m just about to upgrade from HALion 5 to HALion 6 and since it’s an upgrade I was wondering if I I’d be getting the full content of H6 or is my upgrade dependent on my HALion 5 content.

Bobby Ryan.

I just installed H6 this morning. It includes all Halion 5 content and HS2 content as well as the new H6 content.

Being an upgrade the HALion 5 version of the plug is completely gone. So no reverting back, or so it would seem. Maybe the old Halion.dll should be renamed before the upgrade is performed, as a work around?

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Thanks for the intel. I’m trying to streamline anything on my system drive. I’ve upgraded to Cubase 9 and I see Cubase 8 and Cubase 8.5 are still in my programs list. I’ll probably uninstall them any of my 32 bit plugins too. Sorta like spring cleaning.

Bobby Ryan.

Halion 5 content?
I can only find the Halion 4 content.

Where can i find/download the Halion 5 content?

H5 content is included with the H6 installer.