HALIONMARK-The Worlds First VST Benchmark!

Ok Steinberg,

Here’s the play! :rofl:

Make a skin for Halion that hides everything except the different CPU test levels. So essentially:

Level One Button: Activates (in the background various layers)
Level Two Button: Activates additional layers and on and on.

Then you can see how many HALIONMARKS you can run inside of say Logic. I mean it’s kinda of a stupid idea and I admit that. But it WOULD put Halion as an official benchmark program for those review websites. Get some more eyeballs on the platform.

I think I know the PERFECT PERSON to make it! Chris (Simple Developer). He could pull it off. No problem.


Hey at least I’m trying Captain. Captain P.S. :kissing_closed_eyes:

***yeah that was dumb idea. I own it! :rofl:

Shout out to Chris. You guys do need to look at how he has done envelopes. They scale graphically which is very cool. Simple is a pretty interesting synthesizer.