HalionOne licensing for Cubase 12

I have upgraded from Cubase Pro 11 to 12, and want to ditch the USB licenser. However, before the upgrade, the HalionOne VST I’ve had since Cubase 4 LE worked fine. But now, when I start a project that uses it, I have to insert the USB Licenser - the soft e-licenser doesn’t recognise it. I guess I need to transfer the license from the USB to the soft e-licenser, but I cannot see any license for HalionOne on the USB. Can anyone help?

Please see this explanation: How do I license HALion One 32-bit? - #3

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Thanks, Steve, but unfortunately the Halion SE in my Cubase 11/12 Pro does not show the HalionOne presets in it. I have tried the advice in other threads to get them to appear, but nothing works. Hence I am stuck with HalionOne if I want those sounds.

That has nothing to do with USB eLicenser vs. Soft eLicenser. “eLicenser” ist the “old” licensing mechanism using either the USB dongle or the machine (Soft eLicenser). Cubase 12 and other new or updated products use the new “Steinberg Licensing”.

The license for HALion One was not separate but effectivly part of the Cubase license up to version 11 (eLicenser). HALion One is obsolet for years now (see the article mentioned before) and as such probably won’t be updated in any fashion. That means as well, that old HALion One plugin needs an older Cubase license (eLicenser) to run, it simply cannot run with a Cubase 12 license, as that would only be posssible if the code is updated (unlikely). So if you do require using the actual HALion One plugin you will have to keep your older Cubase license (on the dongle) available.


Some of the HalionOne presets have been renamed, but they’re all included with Cubase Pro’s Halion Sonic SE content.

You have to open your old projects and replace HalionOne manually with Halion Sonic SE. This is recommended anyway since HalionOne may not work in future Cubase versions.