HalionOne plugin disappeared

I have Cubase Ess 5.1 and apparently HalionOne plugin was included into installation. Now it dissapeared completely from the comp and some projects on Cubase can not be done. I tried to recover Cubase via W7 recovering facilities - no result. On Stainberg site I can only find dnwds for Halion 4 and 4+ which apparently are not needed for my modest job. Can anyone advise what to do in this situ? Thanks in advance.

On your original installation disc, Halion One can be installed separately IIRC. I might use that to uninstall/reinstall Halion without going through the same with all of Cubase.

I have reinstalled HalionOne from Knowledge Base (updated) of Steinberg sinced I have downloaded version of Cubase Ess and Halion was not supplied simultaneously. Now the problem is settled, simply some misunderstanding. Thanks.