HALionOne Presets Missing

Hello I use Cubase LE 4 on windows XP and my all of my halionOne presets but acoustic guitar have disappeared. I already googled this problem and I found a few other people who have the same problem, but use a different version of cubase, and the solution involves something that cubase le 4 doesn’t have.
Is there any way to fix this problem in LE 4?

Did you see this? http://blog.ultimateoutsider.com/2012/04/solution-halionone-could-not-be-found.html

There is a halionone installer for cubase le 4 and I used that and even updated halion, but they are still gone. There were some files there that cubase le 4 didn’t have. I checked
Steinberg\Cubase LE 4\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALionOne\Essential Set
and all of the presets were there, just not showing up.

Is mediabay detecting them?

LE 4 doesn’t have a mediabay plugin

Mediabay is not a plugin. F5 will bring up Mediabay, simply scan it for any HalionOne sounds.

Nevertheless, it is still possible that your version does not have Mediabay. You’ll be needing an upgrade soon anyway. :wink:

Wait you mean upgrade to Cubase 4 or something or just get an update?
I just got LE 4 like 6 months ago.

Looks like Artist 6.5 will be your recommended upgrade path. I wouldn’t upgrade to Artist just for that though.

Can’t you right click and locate the presets in explorer?

oh wow. this is so frustrating.
so i opened cubase to see if i could right click and locate the presets, and now when I go to add a new instrument track and click “halionone” nothing is there. halionone itself is gone
i didnt change anything in the program from yesterday. it just broke itself

Durn. I would suggest a total re-installation.

I don’t like HalionOne anyway. That’s just me though. :wink:

Ughh and upgrading to artist 6.5 is another 100 bucks
how do i even know that this version will have bugs too?

Version 6 has fewer bugs than V. 4 or 5. They’ve had a good one and a half years to stomp 'em.

Also, IMO HalionOne doesn’t have any production-ready sounds. Sonic gets a good deal closer.