HalionOne Sound Sets

HI Everyone,

New here. I am using Cubase LE4 with HalionOne on a Mac running OS 10.4. As I am going through the tutorials (again), the instructions tell me to use a HalionOne voice which does not show up in the preset list. (StereoST1)
The folder for the hsb files shows Essential_Content.hsb and Essential_Set_1.hsb.
I have now located Essential Set under G5 Mac/Applications/Cubase LE 4.app/Content/VST3 Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/HalionOne.

Is this all that should be in there?

I know I am using an old version (unsupported now I believe) but would appreciate any help. I got Cubase with an ESU-1808 interface and then family got in the way for years,