HalionONE Sounds in Halion Sonic SE?

I have just upgraded my brothers Cubase 5 to Cubase Elements. Can anyone tell me if his HalionONE presets are incorporated into the Halion Sonic SE as they don’t seem to be there. Ive searched the forums but can’t seem to find any help on this topic.


No, you can’t have HALion One presets in HALion Sonic SE. But you can install HALion ONE and use this (on your own risk). Follow this article, please.

Install HALion One from your original (Cubase 5) installer. Install 64-bit version.

I think they are there John, certainly they are on my system which has Halion Sonic SE3.

Load project. Note that an error page should show up saying couldn’t load HalionOne sounds
Make a list of the missing instruments
Go to the first relevant Inst track in the Inspector it will show as !!!HalionOne!!! Click on Edit Instrument
A small dialog box should open which shows the name of the patch. Make a note of it.
Next replace the missing instrument !!!HalionOne!!! with Halion Sonic SE and search for the exact same patch name. It should be there.
Repeat for each missing Inst
Any track processing, volume, automation etc should still be in place.

Let us know if it works for you?

But certainly many will be missing, when going from Cubase 5 full to an elements version.

Thanks Parrotspain-Ive also checked my SE3 and the HalionONE present are there in my cubase- however in his version there are missing presets for example Precision Roundwound which was in HalionOne. Im going to go in-depth look and make sure that my brothers files do contain the necessary presets if they do then it may be something to do with the sound browser or location tree?

Yes, worth checking the files that are present, John , but svennilenni I is right in that there will be fewer presets in the Elements version anyway, it definitely doesn’t have the full set that is seen in the Pro version.

I did look to see if there is a list of presets but know joy. It would be great if Steinberg gave more detailed info for elements.

I wonder if you copied the file banks onto the system and then rescanned? There’s probably a lock out, but worth a try maybe.

That thought did cross my mind lol

And once again: Pro soundbanks are not accessible in elements unless maybe you run it with a pro license.

I can’t get Halion One in my 9.5.3 pro do i have to uninstall and reinstall ?
It’s OK in Cubase 5

No, that shouldn’t be necessary but you do need to check you’ve got the 64 bit one not just the 32 bit version…this may well require a new download.

Thanks i’ve gone through it again using the additional contents folder in Cubase 6 and installed 64 bit and to load other parts used repair.
All is well. Thanks for the heads up Guys.

Just as a foot note i’ve done a A/B with Halion One and Sonic SE and there is a notable difference
I’m changing to the later Halion Sonic SE (With Cubase 9.5) for some sounds but sticking with Halion One for others.


Yes HALion One and HALion Sonic SE are completely different libraries. They haven nothing in common.