HalionOne with Cubase Elements 8


I have several projects created in Cubase 5 (32-bit) that I wish to continue with Cubase Elements 8 (64-bit).

The HalionOne instrument is not found within Cubase Elements 8 and the track are non-functional.

How can I get HalionOne added as a working VST instrument within Cubase Elements 8.

Hoping for an answer.


You can upgrade from Cubase Elements 8 to Cubase Pro 8.5 for 269 bucks: http://www.steinberg.net/en/landing_pages/summer_upgrade_special.html

This will allow you to use HalionOne in Cubase, and will also give you access to the superior Halion Sonic SE 2 soundset, which has many new sounds and “remastered” versions of all HalionOne instruments.

(Note that Cubase Elements, also comes with Halion Sonic SE 2, but it has only General MIDI sounds and a few extras, not the full soundset.)


Here you can find, how to get HALion One presets to Cubase 6 and newer. But officialy it’s not supported, na it’s highlighted recommended to use HALion Sonic SE 2 instead of HALion One.

You don’t need to upgrade to Cubase Pro to get HALion One sounds. And the soundlibrary of HALion Sonic SE 2, which is part of Cubase Elements is bigger then the library from HALion One. Of course, you will get more with Cubase Pro.