HALionOne with Cubase LE AI Elements 6 64 Bit

Best wishes for the New Year to you all.

I would like to use HALionOne which came with
my Cubase LE AI Elements 6 64 Bit.

Is this possible.

If you know how to do this please tell me how to do it.

Attached are 2 screen shots.
One shot is a possible answer and the other is my media bay tree.

After many days reading Knowledge Base and Forum articles and
searching for an answer on Google I just have no solution.

I do see that a member named ‘Aurelian’ on Sunday July 07 2013
apparently found some success with this issue by
‘copying the VST3 Presets’.

My available file paths do not exactly match
the file paths from the post made by ‘Aurelian’.

Maybe the answer only needs to confirm:
Which Presets to copy
Where the Presets to be copied are and
Where I copy the Presets to.

Any help greatly appreciated.
Thank You.
is this the answer.jpg
media bay tree.jpg