Hi, I need to open some Cubase 5 projects in C8. They contain some MIDI tracks routed to HALionONE, but when I open the projects I get a “The plug-in “HALionOne” could not be found for VST Synth 1!” message. I have followed the instructions in this Knowledge Base article with no success:


In C8 I can see the HALionONE tracks, and they are routed to HALionONE in the Inspector. Also, I see several instances of HALionONE in VST Instruments -> Rack instruments, each with the right preset, but I get no sound.

Is it actually possible to open projects using HALioneONE tracks and listen to them in C8? How?

Thanks in advance.


Yep it is, as long as you have the HalionONe plugin installed. Ask Steinberg Support to send you the installer for HalionOne if you don’t have it already.

It worked for me. Good luck.

Many thanks, I found an installer here but that didn’t work for me. Then I got the idea to install Cubase 5, where you have the option to install HALionONE too (and also the 64 bit version!): that worked.

Actually, before installing C5 I uninstalled C8 (only the actual program, not the various content packages) and the eLicenser Control Center. Then after C5 I reinstalled C8. Maybe that wasn’ t necessary, but again it worked.

Just remember to move the HALionOne presets, following the instructions in the Knowledge base article I have linked to in my first post. Now everithing works as expected.


What you found was an update of HalionOne on the link you refer to. I got my copy of HalionOne from Steinberg customer support after I asked them for the link to the installer. I got onboard with Cubase at version 7, but I had bought a soundset that required HalionONE.

I am glad it worked out for you.