Hi All,
How is HalionOne integrated into C9 Pro? When I downloaded C9 in to the new 'puter, it’s not available?

Not at all.

This and the fact, it is not listed in the “included VST instruments” in the documentation are two more strong points for what I wrote above.

All HalionOne sounds are in Halion Sonic SE.

If you need HalioOne for backwards compatibility there is a download somewhere…search the kb.

Thanks for the hits. The reason I ask is that when I first downloaded C9 in my original 'puter, HalionOne showed up and I have 7 instances of it in one song. I did nothing to initiate this. I don’t know if it’s because I may have jBridged it for
C Studio 5 64 and jBridge somehow made it available for C9?

I tried looking in the program downloads on the Steiny site but HalionOne wasn’t listed. It has Halion Sonic and up.
Maybe I can find it on the old C5 disc.
Unfortunately, both Sonic 2 and Halion 5 do not have the one instrument I looked for so I have to employ HalionOne for this and possibly other instruments that may not show up.

Google search “HalionOne download” first result!!


Thanks Grim!
I guess that’s what I get for doing a search right on the Steinberg site instead. :slight_smile: