Halion's VA VS DIVA


You’ve been wondering if Halion’s VA is better or worse than Diva. Here is what I have learned from developing SKYFALL.

Halion’s VA is “Rougher” sounding.
The engine seems to be running at a lower internal audio quality. I am not a DSP micro-code programmer so I have no clue what is going on here. But DIVA does appear to be a higher quality base signal.

Halion’s VA has more Bass
Halion’s VA has a LOT of bass. This is the Montage M engine (it’s my claim and I ain’t changing it!). So not only can you get more bass out of the core VA, you can slather a bunch more via the inserts. Or in my case the WARP Engines. Either way, as far as bass is concerned-there is no contest.

Halion’s VA is more “versatile”
I think because Halion’s VA is “rougher” sounding…you can coax more sounds out of it. You can smooth it out with eq. The MIXER inside the synth with full effects like a DAW is stunning.

Halion is MUCH MORE Unreliable
U-He updates his stuff and his products are rock solid. I have no clue how he’s able to accomplish that and Halion 7 is such a bug fest, especially on the Mac M platform. A true nightmare.

Which would I choose? I would still choose Halion’s VA. I just feel like it can sound closer to hardware. It’s not as “slick” sounding. It can sound like a Moog if you play with the filters and stuff. Overall, I like it. I wish we had another VA engine to go along with it.