HalionSonic 16ch in instrument track, need 1ch

used to be working fine. when i select halionsonic patch for instrument track, cubase loaded the 1ch version of halionsonic. and for instrument rack it loaded 16ch version. just how it supposed to be.
now i dont know what happened now it loads 16ch version for both instrument rack and for instrument track.


What do you mean by “1ch version”? There is one multi-timbral version of HALion Sonic SE only.

It used to be when loading halionsonic se patch in an instrument track it would load this 1ch version of halionsonic se.

Found a photo of it on kvr:

This is the one I refer to as “1ch halionsonic”

That’s the Player mode, you can enable it by clicking the P to the top right. It’s likely not used by default anymore because Instrument Tracks are fully multitimbral now.

Oh I see.
I still like like one instrument per Instrument track. Project is more organized that way

You can use HALion Sonic SE this way: only one sound per instance, if you want to.