HalionSonic SE Presets not saving with Cpr file

Hi,we operate a music technology college and have recently upgraded to Cubase 6 and Windows 7… we have multiple PC’s setup and all students have a profile on the network and access and save projects across the domain.

when the students do a project, save it and then work try and open it again on another workstation, the halionsonic presets are not found.

I think it has something to do with Windows 7 and User accounts…
anyone experienced this before and can shed some light?


What is happening i think is that when opening a project on another PC, the Halion Instruments are blank, and then the students have to go and then individually go and find the sounds that they used all over again.


Is there some kind of Halion Sonic preset file that gets stored somewhere on the computer so that it remembers what instruments and settings you have used?


What about the installation of Cubase? Do you have all libraries in the shared folder?


What we have done, is copy the Steinberg Folder from the C:\Users\AppData\Roaming - steinberg
and pasting them into ProgramData.

If you are writing about USER PRESETS:

You need to use the: user/my documents/ vst3 presets/steinberg media technologies/halion sonic se

This is where all the Steinberg user presets are stored