Hall Runner, Trance, 132 BPM (Work-in-progress)

Just a test edit of dynamics and low-end, sans main melody.

Work in progress, but thought I’d share.


Started in Cubase 7.5, mixed down in Cubase Pro 8.

interesting sound…nice and clean sounds good played loud…takes a bit too long to get going but it’s a test yeah,…look forward to hearing it finished. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the listen and feedback, Kevin!

Yes, the melody stems will progress it, melodically. There is a gated pad and some tuned white noise effects (tuned to harmonics in the key of the song) that will continue the build.

But in general trance of this type builds continually from very subtle elements of filtering and top-end additions and subtractions.

Trance is definitely an acquired taste. :smiley:

Techno, too. Very subtle progressions feel a lot like “monotony” to casual listeners.

This song is actually a hybrid between techno and trance. A sort of post “trance 2.0” (as it’s called) that avoids some of trendy tropes I don’t like about the electro house side of trance 2.0 (a.k.a. “trouse”), but still keeping it dance floor friendly and with a strong groove.

There will be some breaks that do nod to electro house.

Btw, I updated the mix. Still haven’t included the main lead parts or pads, but have tightening up the low-end.

Low-end is always the hardest to get right in these genres.


(Good luck on your PC updates … noticed your other thread about it)

just had another listen, sounds pretty awesome very loud on my monitors (in sig) the hi hat does seem a bit up in the mix and it’s a tad sharp on my system…really good sound goin on though…excellent bass sound :slight_smile: Kevin

I think most music does feel this way to the person not liking/interested in the particular style.

I like it, looking forward to future versions!

Thanks again for the listen, Kevin.

Yeah, that hi-hat took a looong time to arrive at its level, but I’ll spend more time with it and see if I like it pulled back. So thanks for that.

In techno, of a modern Beatport track you’re gonna get that SPAN level on the hat, for sure.

It’s a bit higher in the mix, for trance (not much), but I’m doing a trance / techno hybrid and the hi-hat is the signature sound, for techno. So I wanted to keep it hotter in the mix.

I’ve been measuring hundreds of reference tracks on SPAN, BX_Meter and Dorroughs to arrive at that, but…what I might do is try some 3k mid/side harshness reduction on it (just picked up the BX Refinement plugins for just that purpose).

Or, maybe it’s not level, but frequency. Maybe lower it.

But thanks, I’ll look at it. I don’t want it to be too sharp.

Thanks, Elektro!

I’m still struggling with the low-end, but it’s getting there. The other parts are in my head, I just need to get them down. Trying to keep the melody simple without sounding too “anthem-y.” Getting inspiration from some of Rafaël Frost’s works, on that front.

Cheers guys.

I believe I fixed the hi-hat, Kevin. Still prominent, but not as “sharp.”

If you get a chance, lemme know what you think.

New mix is getting closer to final, mastered, spectral balance and dynamics, I think.

(same link, just replaced the file)

Cheers (and thanks!)

Good structure and choice of sounds. Love it at the 1 minute mark.
Kevin said it took a bit to get going, but these tracks often have at least a 32 bar intro to allow DJ’s to beat match.
Kept my attention.
Neil B

Thanks a ton. That’s a good omen, as it’s really just a test of the drums, mastered, right now.

The actual song is melodic, but I’m trying to keep it a bit minimal an on the “tech” side of trance.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yes,good stuff,sounds classy and i will keep watching this space to see how it grows.well done so far.