Halon sinic SE - Midi files

I have a midi file I am working on, I stripped all the program change events out and am Using Halon to play the music through. all is good and I can tweak and get what I want for the client, HOWEVER as soon as I shut down and save my project on reopening Halon re assigns the channels to different instruments (although the pan and volume etc stay as I set them)
Even before playing the track as soon as halon starts and initialises it resets all the midi channels.
Please help :frowning:


Do you save the project as CPR, or do you export it as a MIDI File?

If the 2nd is true, then it’s on the Import side. Open Preferences > MIDI > MIDI File, and make sure the settings is set to don’t do this.

I would recommend you to save the project as CPR, and export just the final version as MIDI.

Thanks. I save the files as a cpr file. Its the fact when halon is loaded and initiases and resets all the midi channels. I thought it would save every setting in the cpr file

Isn’t there the MIDI Reset Controller in your track? Or SysEx to switch On GM Mode?

I have removed all sysx data there is just note data. Oan settings and velocity oh and after touch.
Strange though in halon se it loads 16 channels assigns intruments. I can delete all these and save the project. When i reload the project all 16 channels are still empty… i will start adding instruments one at a time and see what happens. Why do these not reset on reloading the project. Is it me or a bug. I may experiment without using halon. I have gone from cubase 4 to cubase 9. It would seem to be a big jump. :slight_smile: and thrown me a back a little. Maybe i just recreate all the track again and put this down to a learning curve. I need some good videos on the vst intruments i think …

Thank you for the comments. I guess i need more reading and some quality videos or better a dvd sieries although it looks like training is all subscription based now …

I just tried it, and it works, here. If I save the project with the sounds loaded to the HALion Sonic SE, and reopen it, the sounds are loaded with the HALion Sonic SE.