Halon Sonic 7 Still Needs USB Elicenser? to run Halion Sonic Libraries?

So it appears HS 7 can run without the USB eLicenser but the libraries that come with the full version of Halion Sonic do not work without the USB eLicenser. So my question is can I transfer the License from eLicenser to the new License system if so, how?

Not until they upgrade the individual libraries. They’ve done a bunch of Padshop and Retrologue libraries at the end of last year. The HALion and Groove Agent ones should be coming soon.

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Really? Where did you find that info? I have HALion 7 full, all the libraries that come with it work without dongle. You need the dongle only for some (those not already passed to the new licensing system) of the additional libraries that you have to pay extra money for having them.
I’m not sure about HALion Sonic 7 Collection though, but it sounds quite weird to me that they don’t work without the USB eLicenser

But maybe you’re talking about installing the free HALion Sonic 7 already having a previous HALion Sonic version. In that case, I think you’re probably right.

yeah I wish, steinberg can make their licencing system, as clean, simple, and easy as native instrument’s native access, register your product with SN# in native access, download via NI NA , and you are all set. want to move to a new system or rebuilt your system, no problem, download NA again, login, download your libraries again or point to the ones that are on the SSD and you are all set again.