Hammer on and pull off with Shreddage VST

Hello… I’ve input HOs and POs using the method here. However, my VST expects that the notes overlap to have the HO/PO sample kick in. Is there a way to have the HO/PO technique affect the length of the first note to extend a bit to generate the appropriate MIDI?


I see a similar inquiry here… I’ll see if I can wrap my head around it.

OK… I figured out adding Legato to my expression map, then using the option to extend duration seems to have the desired effect. However, it isn’t readily obvious in Dorico that this will be the case.

Select Played Durations in Key Editor.

Hi @Eggsalad - I don’t follow… I was asking how to show played durations, but you linked to an article about selecting/editing. Can you elaborate?

Try this page:

Thanks, @johnkprice - I had just arrived at that in the UI!

That article describes the Key Editor interface including the Played Durations button if you scroll down.