"hand clap" or a "flick" in Dorico (Percussion instrument)


How can I add a “hand clap” or a “flick” in Dorico (Percussion instrument)

Thank you for your help

You should be able to add a player and add a ‘Hand Clap’ instrument in the usual way in Setup mode.

Dear Daniel

Thank you very much! It works, but it sounds like a drum (Noteperformer)…

It should sound like a handclap in HALion Sonic SE, for what it’s worth!

… strange… It doesn’t work… I tried with Halion 6, Halion Sonic SE…

But it should also work with Noteperformer 3… Right? (I am really amazed about the sound quality of these instruments!)

I’m afraid I don’t think NotePerformer includes a hand clap sound.

… that’s a pity!!!

Anyway: Congratulations to Dorico 2! Great work!