Hand Clapping Request


Haven’t checked in here for years. Hope the old-timers are well.

I’m trying to create a sample of a crowd clapping a particular rhythm–as at sporting events.

I was wondering if anyone here would be willing to record themselves clapping this rhythm and upload it so I can incorporate your version into the final mass effect.

The interesting thing is that I’ve tried recording just me and a few other people twenty times and it just doesn’t sound realistic. Perhaps there is simply no substitute for a BUNCH of real people all clapping.

So if you’d be willing please, wouldn’t mind… here is the source rhythm.


I dunno how to get the thing -to- me. Perhaps you could attach your results to a PM?



Hey JC,

Good to see you around. I just popped in recently, too and ran into some familiar faces.

I’ll give it a run through as soon as I get a chance.

Do you still have place to listen to your old tunes?

Time for the We Will Rock You technique?

The stamping effects were created by the band overdubbing the sounds of themselves stomping and clapping many times and adding delay effects to create a sound like many people were participating. The durations of the delays were in the ratios of prime numbers, a technique now known as non-harmonic reverberation.






The usual rate of just one of my claps is in the 6 figure area… I might give you some though… U know… Since it stays in the cubase family and what not…:stuck_out_tongue:
Speaking of old timers… This seemed like yesterday:

I can clap any of the claps you hear in the video…
Which one do you prefer?

Edit: http://m.wikihow.com/Clap-Your-Hands -> this is a manual for clapping hands… I think i am fairy proficient in these claps too btw…

If you use Reaktor, there is a pretty flexible ensemble for claps and a separate one for snaps. It has number of claps from 1 to large groups, control of clap sync…how tight or loose, tone, etc triggered by midi.

If you don’t use Reaktor, I have seen freeware VST’s out there haven’t I?

Sampling is out of the question?

you could use vst connect and online users for capturing the claps. :slight_smile:
another idea is going to a concert and wait untill it finishes and hope the croud will give you a big “we want more” for recording.

Excellent website. applause