Handbell Symbols & Note Counting

Is there a way to add handbell symbol notation in Dorico? I have been looking through the manual and forms and cannot find anything for handbells.

If this is not a feature in Dorico, can you add custom symbols in the pallet for handbells?

Also, is there a way to count specific notes over the duration of the song? For example, how many times does C4 play in the song?

You can absolutely create custom symbols:

You can generate statistics for the whole project, but I don’t think that can break down note frequencies by pitch.

I was trying to add some playing techniques for HB today too. Most handbells are written on grand staff. With the swing glyph (U+E81A) or any playing technique for that matter, I got to wondering if there is a way to have it automatically position evenly between the two staffs, which is often ideal for the swing technique? Other than moving in Engraving mode I couldn’t see a way to do it.

No, there’s not a way at present to center elements vertically between grand staves.

(Except for dynamics, which are automatically centered.)

Thanks everyone for the replays to my questions! I did found out how to do the custom icons for the bell symbols pretty straight forward. I wish Dorico had the symbols for handbells included. But at the same time, I am not sure of the demand of bell scoring in Dorico is.

For the project statistics, it only shows the global info like how many notes were played. What I am looking to see if Dorico has is a way to see how many times a note (or maybe players?) plays a certain note (lets say for a very simple example 2 bell players). I want to find out how many times C4 and D4 is played by player 1 and E4 and F4 is played by player 2. It is something like the “Event List” in Logic Pro X where you can see all the midi notes and export or copy the data into a spreadsheet to see how many times certain notes were played.

You could filter-select only those pitches one by one, copy them, and paste them into a new project to get statistics.

True. But if I would do that workaround, might as well send the data into Logic Pro X or most daws instead. I am seeing if Dorico can streamline the process.