Handeling USB Blue dongle

Hi , Handeling USB Blue dongle ,
how is the USB dongle get removed from a running PC , i.e , when u remove a usb pen drive , u got to click on the bottom task bar n remove USB , only on the mesg : safe to remove USB device , if not very often the USB device gets corrupted . aint no USB icon for the steinberg USB dongle , any light on this one thanks. ws

As for the Steinberg dongle, if it isn’t flashing then it’s not being used ( at that time ) and the green checkmark in the hidden icon section of the taskbar would confirm that.

I really haven’t worried about removing things from the USB ports since the XP days.

It is safe to remove the USB-eLicenser from your computer at any time, without damaging the device.

Please be aware, though, that unplugging the USB-eLicenser will prevent any application that is currently using the device (e.g. Cubase) from working correctly.
So please do not unplug your USB-eLicenser while Cubase is running.