Handling of macros

It would be great if Cubase had some form of browser panel for macros. I have completely run out of short cut keys and have to scroll down the list of macros to use the newer ones.

Some form of organizing would be good - 16 or so assignable main options list or panel (for example key changes or transpositions then 16 sub options and maybe another layer of options.

It would also be good if there was better macro editing. It is hard or impossible to insert a command plus it would be useful to use an existing macro as a starting point for a new one.

Does anyone agree?

i agree completely. macros are another half-baked idea by Steinberg. its so frustrating to edit them. Another great feature they made to put on the “tin”. but far from ideally implemented. Like the midi Device Manager…few ppl use it or macros. so they have recieved their kudos for the “feature” on the tin and now feel very little need to actually make it work properly and their priority to work on it is “low”.

macros and the Midi Device manager have soo much potential. if they worked better and easier then a lott more people would use them. if steinberg just updated and fixed all of their features like this in an update i would happily pay for it. no more vsti synths please Steinberg put those programmers onto fixing these existing features of Cubase.

why we got two more new vsti synths instead of a vst3 plugin manager in the 6.5 update is just beyond me.

Thanks Blackout for your reply and I am glad you agree.

Macros really speed up workflow and greatly expand the use of the 2 logical editors