Hands down, the best engineer in the world. (funny)

Aloha guys, :slight_smile:

I have a couple of clients that could really use this guy. :slight_smile:

What a talent! :slight_smile:



Hilarious! How do I reach him?


I liked the singing



That’s really beautiful :laughing:

But surely…can be fixed by CB7 :exclamation:



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That’s my daughter. The piano was all over the place! :unamused:

Nah! :mrgreen:

brilliant :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

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Reminds me about the day my ex-girfriend decided she’s a great singer and wanted to make a demo in my studio. :unamused:

Sounds like a loose/loose situation :laughing:

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Oh my God reminds me of a singer i once recorded and nothing worked on her vocal !!

I recorded a high school “talent” show and one of the singers was pretty much just like that. And her mom thought she was going to be the next american idol. Mom and daughter both had the full on Divatude. It was hysterical.

Hired as a producer for this one particular gig, I “fixed” the sour notes of a vocalist who recorded an album’s worth of tracks in our studio back in the 1980’s. There were twelve tunes, he was the sole author, performer and would not entertain the idea of hiring a vocalist. It was a shame, because his songs were good, often the lyrics were comical (intentionally) which he had a real gift for. His arrangements and instrumentation were good. But, he sounded like shit when he sang. Ego would not let him stand down from the microphone!

We were pre-DAW in those days, we locked up the Midi gear to tape. So, I sampled each bad note with a Roland S550, re-pitched with the pitch bender, recorded that midi data into Performer, then flew it back onto the tape after. For 12 tunes, it took a several weeks, but it was effective. Convincing him it was necessary was not easy either, until he had a few friends drop in on a session, who were not afraid to tell him the truth. Hard to tell a client they suck! :blush:

It was a learning experience and paid torture too :laughing: , I think back to those days when I use Vari-Audio or Melodyne now… I could had that job done in a few days… (But I would have made less $$$!).

I usually wait till the cheque clears. :slight_smile: