hang on exit

open C8 (v8.0.0)
close C8
all windows close, except the menu bar. I have to kick out the task and reset my ASIO device to get it closing.
I tried to deactivate ASIO guard and the Hub as suggested in other threads. But C8 won’t close properly even one time :frowning:
No crash dumps either. It just freezes.

Winows 7 x64
i7 Intel
MAudio ProjectMix

Same exact thing here. Very annoying.

same thing here

Do you fellows have anything in common perhaps? Lots of devices in the MIDI Device Manager, the same audio interface, some common plugin or set of plugs, using Steinberg Hub, etc., to start the discussion.

If you have no interest in finding out for yourselves, I would suggest submitting a ticket with Steinberg Support. :slight_smile:

Ok, for starters, I already disabled HUB and the ASIO GUARD. This did not solve the issue.
I use a MIDI Wrapper. Projects close ok, but Cubase itself will hang on exit. I use MAUDIO PROJECTMIX as hardware interface. Also there are some instances of jBridged 32bit plugins, which are not loaded very much into my projects.
I will test disabling my custom VST folder to check if there are troubles somewhere. I keep u updated.
How about you guys?

It does this for me too on some projects. Not all though, so i’m guessing it’s to do with a certain plugin or plugins. I haven’t worked out which one yet.

If you all just open Cubase and immediately (without any projects opening) click File then Quit, still hangs forever?

I went back to an Acronis backup of my OS with just Windows 7 and installed only Cubase Pro 8 to trouble shoot re-record bugs and had these problems above. I don’t have it in my current work OS with all my plugs and 7.07, 7.5.3 installed with Pro 8 as well. I’m baffled. I would get it with just opening up a blank project and testing out one Cubase synth and then trying to close the project.

How about nothing opened at all, meaning just Cubase, no project loaded? (Just startup and File/Quit.)

I had some sucess in fixing this issue, might help someone here.


This thread shows the same problems, however I could open and close C8 with no project without problems.
I will continue searching for plugin errors.

guys, can you check if it helps to CLOSE the project before exiting Cubase.
It seems to work here so far.

I had a discovery today. When I open a new project and get to the “set project folder” screen if I pick a hard drive there instead of making a new folder within that hard drive C8 will hang when I try to quit. Closing the project first doesn’t make a difference. This is with either an empty project or not as well as saved or not saved.

But when I make a new folder or choose an existing one for a new project on any of my hard drives C8 closes no problem.

can’t confirm that. I do create various folders or save to an existing one. Does not change it. But It now kind of happens rarely since I deactivated HUB, ASIO GUARD and close the project via the menu and not the red X in the right corner. Maybe Cubase hangs when not beeing able to close the project fast enough before the program quits too. In my workaround it seems, Cubase has enough time to breath after unloadeing the projects RAM.