Hanging/Glitching Midi Notes

Hey there,

Running Cubase 9 Pro with a silly little Axiom air32 mini (upgrading soon don’t worry). Having issues during playback or recording where the sound just glitches out and gets what seems to be ‘stuck’ on a segment of the sound and repeats indefinitely. I have to tab out and then back in to fix the issue. Has anyone else had this/fixed this? Your help is appreciated!

Rob Benson

Hi and welcome,

This seems to be on Audio Device side. What Audio Device do you use? What ASIO driver? Try to increase the Buffer Size, please.

Which OS? (It’s good to put computer specifications in your signature)

Stuck notes are pretty typical MIDI issue. On the Midi Menu there’s a command to ‘reset midi’ – while this may not correct the cause of the problem, it will usually stop a stuck note from playing endlessly. HSSE/3 and Groove Agent SE also have dedicated MIDI reset buttons. There’s a free program called MIDI OX which can help you test your keyboard controller. Is it always the same note that is getting stuck or is it random? Good luck.

Oh hey there. Thought I set it up to send me an email when people replied, my bad!

I’m on Windows 10 using an Asus Essence STX II. Also have midi reset bound to cntrl+r and it doesn’t fix it. And it’s not always a certain note (I think)…I can test this and get back. I’ll get pc specs in my signature as well as here.

Cubase 9 Pro, Windows 10, AMD FX 8350 Eight-core, 32gb DDR3 1333, Radeon R9 290 4gb, Asus Essence STX II Sound-card.

I’d also try disconnecting the controller keyboard and see if stuck notes still happen. I’ve found that some patches in HSSE/3 are more prone to stuck notes than others. It should get sorted it out.

This is happening with Retrologue 2 hardcore, it’s almost unusable.

most likely an issue with your asio driver. onboard sound cards are generally pretty substandard for use in cubase. advise get a proper soundcard with solid asio drivers.