Hanging MIDI notes in Cubase Artist 9

This is my very first post here, so thank you guys for having me!

I have read over these forums for the answer to this question for quite a while now and have tried everything from updating drivers to turning off Power Management and monkeying around with various settings in Cubase but still the following problem persists - much to my chagrin…

PROBLEM: I’ve been having some trouble with hanging MIDI notes ever since I started using Arturia’s KeyLab 49. I have also added the new ASUS Essence STX II sound card which I talk about below which may also be congruent with my issue. It seems to occur regardless of the VST instrument I’m using. In a VST where you can see the virtual keyboard, you can even see one note being held down there when it sticks. The MIDI reset option doesn’t seem to phase this error, and the only thing that fixes it is me completely closing out Cubase and restarting it again (Cubase in its entirety and not just the project I’m working on). When I used my Yamaha MOX8 with its USB driver, this never happened unfortunately, so I’m pretty sure that the KeyLab communicating with Cubase and / or my new sound card is at the heart of the problem.

OPERATING SYSTEM: I’m running Windows 10 Home Edition on this computer, 64-bit version 1703 with 16 gigs of RAM.

CUBASE VERSION: I have Cubase Artist version 9.0.20 Build 209 (64 bit).

SOUND CARD: I have an ASUS Essence STX II sound card which I have recently updated its ASIO(64) driver (version that now shows an input latency of 10.068 ms and an output latency of 20.136 ms. There seems to be no way to adjust the latency on this device actually at all from Cubase or otherwise - at least that I can see (when I go to it under VST Audio System and select Control Panel, all I see is the ASIO Control Panel box with Bit Depth set to 16 bit and Latency set to 10 ms with both of these options greyed out yet visible. I have activated Multi-Processing and ASIO Guard at its “normal” level with a Normal Audio Priority as well.

Any help you guys can offer with this issue would be much appreciated! It’s absolutely giving me fits!

93 views since this post went up on August 26th but still… crickets… LOL. I submitted a new question just today on this (similar) problem. I bought a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 and this helped considerably but still I’ve come back to the hanging MIDI note when using a USB cord as the MIDI transference. A MIDI cord to the Focusrite solves the problem, but I would still like to fix the hanging note with USB cord. Please - ANY feedback on this would be better than none my friends…

Oh yes - I should add that the only note that hangs is C3. For some reason, C3 is not getting a “Note Off” signal upon aftertouch.