Hanging Midi Notes

I’m currently using SL MKII as a midi controller. WIth instrument tracks, I have no issues with this, but only with external synthesizers with midi tracks. Everytime I play something, one note is keep hanging even though my hands are released. And the hanging note is always random.

For ex, C4 would hang. And then I change the preset and then back again to remove the hanging note. Then a different note hangs…

I don’t know what the issue is. Everytime I have to Midi Reset to remove this, but it soon comes back. Any help please?


Can you observe the same, when you record the data, and play it back from the project?

Yes, the hanging note is audible in the playback as well.

Then it’s definitely not on your keyboard side. It’s on Cubase or (more probably) on your hardware side.

Try to use some MIDI Monitor aaplication (MIDI Monitor on Mac, MIDI OX on Windows) to see, what data Cubase sends out.

I had the same problem with some of my external gear, use midi cable to connect some of your gear that have hanging note, and connect those midi cable directly to your midi in/out audio card. This should solve your problem.
Some hardware work find with usb connection, and some don’t, if your audio card have midi in/out you should have a try. Hope this help.

It would be good to know how you connected your device USB to host or the round din midi? Anyway you can try the following and see if this helps? Under the midi section make sure you have these settings activated:

Reset on stop
Never Reset Chased Controllers

It might not be ‘the’ solution for your problem because this could introduce other undesired behavior but it will be interesting to hear if this at least stops the notes when you stop playback.

Hello. I was on a long business trip, getting back to this issue just now. Sorry for the delay.

Actually I found out all my hardware synths have this issue. For some reason, others don’t happen as much as the Integra does, but it is still there. My audio interface has one set of midi port… so would this require me a separate midi interface to connect all of my 3 hardware synths via midi cable? Or just connecting one of them from USB to Midi possibly help? (Because I would then need to buy separate midi cables, and it would be wise to know how many cables I should buy)

Edit: I just got confused for a moment. So the external synths are connected to the audio interface via TRS connectors, and the USB connection directly into the computer. And the audio interface also connects its USB to the computer. How would I replace the USB with Midi cable if the USB is directly connected to the computer? Maybe my setup is wrong…? IDK

Here’s how everything is connected in detail:
Synth1 = Connected to my audio interface via 2 TRS cables. USB port directly to the computer
Synth2 = Connected to my audio interface via 2 TRS cables. USB port directly to the computer
Integra (synth3)= Connected to my audio interface via 2 TRS cables. USB port directly to the computer. Also connected to my Midi Controller via a Midi cable. (Midi OUT from my midi controller → to MIDI IN of the Integra)

Audio interface: 2 studio monitors connected. USB directly into the computer as well.

Currently, all three synths are connected via USB. The integra is the only one however that is triggered by a separate midi controller which is connected via Midi cable. But it is connected to the computer via MIDI

The two are checked, and still giving me problems

My Integra did the same hanging problem, it was impossible to play on it and so annoying.
Midi interface will not resolve the hanging midi notes at least it did not in my case, i have the “midi express 128 Motu” and “M8UXL ESI”.
If you want to connect all of them in your Audio interface you can use tool such as “Midi Solution” with a Merge box and Thru box but it’s expensive.
So probably you can leave your other hardware connected to usb as they not give you as many trouble as the Integra does.
So (first) you would only need to buy 2 midi din cable to connect your Integra in/out directly to your midi connection of your audio interface, without the need to disconnect the usb (for the Integra Editor purposes).
Then in the Integra menu go in System/setup you can leave usb driver to “Vender midi+audio” but in Sync/Tempo set the “Clock source” to midi.
At the end, in Cubase midi track in/out be careful to choose your midi din connection.
Then check if it’s solve your problem, the investment in 2 midi cable should be worth it.

Yes seems confusing because audio interface are connected by usb to the computer, i’m not really able to explain why but the internal process of audio interface is better.
My RME UFX is connected by usb, and the Integra is midi DIN connected to the UFX + the usb (in the back of Integra) to computer for Editor purposes with some kind of “multi-client” midi access (useful in Windows).

PS : Now Windows 10 have a new MIDI API witch offer MULTI-CLIENT MIDI ACCESS and also new jitter free, Cubase don’t include that new MIDI API (one feature i so much wish in Cubase and Nuendo for Windows 10 user).
Now (in Windows) for multi midi access iam using as workaround MIDI-OX & Loopmidi (for Multi-Access) + LoopBe 30 (for extra virtual midi port). Really useful when have many hardware that need to midi share live few Editor/Library soft at the same time.

So maybe get a midi interface to connect your midi controller to it, but it’s a Novation SLmk2 so in fact you can use the usb to connect it to your computer, and then use Cubase to make the connection between all of your hardware (and vst) to your controller :wink:

Sorry, but was too busy to respond the last week. As I understand from the above is that you have your synths connected both via TRS and USB? You should however only connect them to either TRS or USB. Connecting them both at the same time may give you loops resulting in the problems you’re experiencing now because then you are transmitting and receiving duplicate streams. Especially when you have midi input set to ‘ALL’ on your tracks as I most of the time have. So in this case I would connect the 2 synth via TRS and disconnect the USB or vice versa. Of course you still need to connect the interfaces with USB directly to your computer. It depends on the type of interfaces you have but most of the time they interconnect via a digital coaxial or something like that but not via TRS midi cables.

Hope this helps?

Make sure midi THRU is activated in the CUbase preferences, turn LOCAL=OFF on the keyboard

In my case it helped just playing around with the transmit channel (TRANS CH) setting it to #1 on my CS1X keyboard. Using Cubase LE 6, Win10/64bit and a standard MIDI/USB device. On other channels the problem seems to maintain. The symptoms were the same: The release event was randomly ignored while recording in about 50%. When playing the HalionSE in Cubase without recording, all seemed OK. Nothing odd observed when monitoring with Midi OX.