hanging note on vst

I got a song and on two tracks I got vst instrument with uploaded large strings VX-file and using the expression map, and have put on some articulation . so far so good . the problem is that if I stop the song the key is hanging on the vst instrument( halion sonic se 2 ), making it very irritating every time I stop the song . I need to tap the space key several times to make it stop. what is wrong ?


Is it any internal HALion Sonic SE sound? Or is it your customized sound? Could you describe it, please? Are you using multi-timbral, or multi-layers? What kind of data is your Expression Map sending? MIDI CCs/Channel/Program Changes/MIDI Notes?

Which Note hangs? Is it always the last “active” one or is it another Note?

i had that same problem the otherday on a cello piece from HALion symphonic orchestra opened in HALion SE. I had to play several times on my midi keyboard to make it stop. though the problem only occured when i tried to edit during playback. Since that i havent had the problem. Try closing and reopening the file and doing the samething as you did before.

It could have been a glitch and may not happen again.

read the post. VX files large strings. it comes up with a fixed expermap. it shouldn’t be a problem really, but this notes that locks itself every time I stop the song,is driving me nuts! it’s halion sonic se 2. it is note on in the ex map :slight_smile: