Hanging notes in Cubase Pro 9.5


I’ve updated CubasePro from v9.0.30 to v9.5 about a week ago. But I’ve been unable to use the updated version because of persisting hanging notes - any note - when recording on an Instrument track using my MIDI keyboard.

I’ve then uninstalled & re-installed the Update. Installed & re-installed also the full version of CubasePro 9.5. But no change to the above issue.

I’ve searched this forum & found the following advice by Support:

“Hanging notes or dropouts using HALion-based products
If you experience hanging notes or dropouts with Cubase or Nuendo please activate the option “Reset on stop” in the preferences (Mac: Cubase/Nuendo menu > Preferences > Midi, Windows: File menu > Preferences > Midi)”.

I applied the above instruction to my updated DAW. But there was no change. MIDI notes are still hanging in v9.5.

At the end - after about 4/5 days of trying to have CubasePro 9.5 working, I had to re-install v9.0.30 (which I had prevoiusly uninstalled, not expecting such problem to arise in the new Update) in order to carry on working with Cubase.

I wonder if it is happenning only to me or someone else is also experiencing similar issues with new update of CubasePro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated & thank you in advance for any advice.

I noticed this also last night… Was probably the first time I’d used midi input since upgrading last week.

I was using halion and many notes were either being missed or they kept hanging.

(Triggered by a novation mininova if it matters)
In 9.0.30 I never saw this issue… but hadn’t really used halion before either so can’t be sure.

Hanging notes seem to come and go with Cubase revisions. Have never really got to the bottom of it…

Apparently this is a new feature AGAIN :blush: :blush: :imp: :imp:

I’ve had lots of issues with hanging notes - not just in 9.5… it was in 9.0 as well. Thankfully, I was able to add a key command for MIDI – > RESET, and I use it regularly! This problem has been occuring often with NI Absynth lately for me.

I was using IK Miroslav Philharmonik 2 about a week ago with Cubase 9.5. Then notes started hanging with this vst. I purchased this a few hours before for this session. So, I though it was the plugin not Cubase. This is good to know. I will try this again with C9 and see if the problem is still there.

I’m currently talking to support about this and it’s very frustrating. In fact it was suggested that Steinberg were aware of this problem and that 9.5 would fix it…:slight_smile: It doesn’t…

Hanging notes have always been an issue even with midi synths or workstations this is not
really an issue it’s just part of working with midi… But it might happen a bit more with computers / VSTi in other words don’t expect this to completely go away…

Actually if Cubase can deal with this without crashing means it’s very solid…

I’m having this issue here which, to me, demonstrates the problem is most definitely with Cubase:


As I mention in that thread, I’ve tested extensively with Reaper and it doesn’t have this issue.

No hanging notes with StudioONePro, LogicProX or Reaper here

and still happening in 9.5.21

Yep. I gave up with support as they were were really not dealing with it very well. At one point they came back to me with a solution for “crashing” when that wasn’t the issue at all.

It seems they are not interested…

This is usually caused by some sort of midi loop, or midi routing issue.
Most common is having set a multiple midi sources to midi in all, or forgetting to turn Local off on the keyboard, and recording doubles.
I have even encountered VSTi’s that where allergic to aftertouch, that one took some time to figure out.

It’s not midi loops or routing in my case unfortunately.

If you look at this post


I think it’s pretty clear that it’s data congestion…