Hanging notes with Eastwest PLAY


I have been having this issue for a while and so far I am not able to find a solution. I have also read topics from other users in the forum reporting this but with no resolution so far.

The problem is that whenever I play with an Eastwest Play instrument (most notably on Quantum Leap Pianos ) I get random hanging notes that ring forever. I have managed to cure this by checking the “Reset on Stop” option in Midi preferences in Cubase, however, this does not prevent the problem from happening when playing the instrument in realtime or when recording midi. For example I may record a piano part, I will be listening to the hanging notes until I hit stop in the transport when the notes are killed by the “Reset on Stop function”.

I know other users are experiencing this.

So, is there a workaround? I am not 100% convinced if this is a Cubase issue, although I must admit I have not noticed any other VSTi having the same problem other than Easwest Play.

Same here, also have to reset the volumes on every track for it to “acknowledge” them

Hello and thanks for the reply,

May I ask which version of Play you are using? And which version of Cubase as well? Does this happen with any particular libraries for you?

I’m using the latest… Play 3
Been like that ever since 2

I can’t really tell, but it happens alot with strings. I’m guessing it’s not library specific. There is another thread on here where people report the same problem

I’m not quite sure if this happens in other sequencers as well though.
Maybe it is something in Cubase Midi handling that triggers the issue.
Have you tried to contact Easwest support?
I have opened a ticket about it and I am expecting reply for the time being.


I don’t have 3.020. I have the initial release of Play 3. 3.020 is supposed to fix something about Hollywood Brass library if I am not mistaken.
But same thing was happening with Play 2 as well.

Please let me know what you hear!

I notice that you have both Mac and PC-is it happening on both?

Happens to both, yes.

I’m not an expert here but I am aware that is this is common for a lot of EW products. It was happend to me in Storm Drum and QL silver. If you go on the soundsonline forum you’ll see a host of ‘hanging notes’ problems so I think it is more Play and East West rather than Cubase? Quite often when you upgrade your EW drivers the fix list and comment sheet often refers to ‘fixed hangnin note in…’ so it seems that EW acknowledge the issues and try and resolve them. I sugest you post on the soundsonline forum to register the problem and hopefully they can look for the bug that causes the problem. For now though the main thing is to make sure all your drivers are up to date.

Hope you sort it.