Hanging notes

Hi, Have Cubase 7.5 with MOTU Express MIDI interface connected to some outboard gear but whenever I play them the notes hang, happens all the time, I have tried different USB keyboards, different outboard gear but nothing works, any ideas?

The exact system is iMac connected to MOTU interface (USB) connected to outboard gear, the keyboard input is a Roland SH201 via USB. Its driving me mad!!!

The exact system is iMac connected to MOTU interface (USB)

Nothing very exact there…There have been a lot of iMacs and different o/s running on them and a fair amount of different MOTU usb interfaces.

USB3 port on the iMac perhaps??

Hi, thanks for the reply, but the iMac is brand new running OS 10.8 with the MIDI interface being a MOTU 128 express with the latest driver that says its OK for 10.8. I have managed to record two cords in Cubase that when I play back hangs on two notes, I was looking to see if I can find note on and note off information to see if the problem is the note off signal being missing but I don’t think Cubase shows this detail. Thanks.

Try a USB hub between the iMac and your MOTU.

Will do, thanks

I am not familiar with MOTU interfaces, and have not experienced hanging notes for a long time, but there can be many reasons for this. E.g. poor cables can affect signal quality (both analog and digital can suffer from this).

Does the MIDI > Reset (in the Cubase menu) fix the problem when it the hung notes occur?

Some devices also have problems with MIDI running status.

Hi, no the MIDI reset does not fix the problem when the notes hang, I can see all the MIDI lights light up when pressed but the notes still hang. This problem must be something definitely wrong as I only need to play 2 - 3 cords and it does it so its not very intermittent, I am going to try a USB hub as you suggested today and see if that helps as the Mac has USB 3 but says its is completely compatible with USB 2, thanks again for your help. Regards.

Hi, tried as you suggested, using a USB hub between the Mac & the MOTU interface and it works, it must be something to do with the Macs USB3 interface.

Many thanks for your help. Regards

Yep…It’s the “fully backwards compatible” Apple USB3 ports. :smiley:

LMAO, nice one, Grim! :wink: