Hanging on searching for VST2 plugins

Please help, advice whatever…
3 days my Cubase 10.5 pro is searching for VST 2x plugins when unitizing.
How it happened: Ive installed new WAVE Plugins but couldn't find them. So, I created a new folder into Plugins manager to search them , but my mistake was , folder C (my windows folder). Since that I am in trouble, my Cubase is not initializing normal, I have to deactivate all 3rd party plugins. I also reinstalled Cubase 10.5 also updated it with with last version 10.5.3 . But didnt help.
I`ll be very very grateful to whom who helps me.

I have similar issue. Stuck in VST3 scanning at splash screen. Ugggggggh.

it’s been 7 days now that my cubase pro 10.5 is stuck on initializing: VST 2 x Plugin. I am sure what ever help you get will work for me

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Your only option is to terminate the Cubase process and then remove the whole preference folder of Cubase. And then restart Cubase and don’t add the “C:” drive to the vst2 search path.

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Great thank you very very much