Hanging on VST 2.x Plug-In Manager when starting

Cubase 10.5 sits on the “Initializing: VST 2.x Plug-In Manager” screen for quite some time when starting up. I thought I had solved the problem by moving all of my plugins into the same directory (C://Program Files/VST Plugins) and removing the others from the VST Plugin manager list so it would only have one path to scan on startup, but Cubase keeps adding other directories back in and then it starts happening again. Any way I can get it to stop doing this?


Do I understand you right, you change the VST Plug-in Path in Cubase, then you Quit Cubase and once you restart Cubase, the original pats are back? If this happens, it means Cubase didn’t wait properly (crashed while Quit), so the settings has not been stored. Is this the case?

Can you see any DMP file(s) in the folder (Documents/Steinberg/Crash Dumps) with the relevant date, please?

No, it just adds back some of the paths and not until after a couple of restarts. I solved the issue by moving all of my plugins to Program FIles -> Steinberg -> VSTPlugins as that was one of the ones it would always add back. All good now :slight_smile: