Hans Zimmer Style Soundtrack - Mission Failed

Hans Zimmer Style Soundtrack (Mission Failed)
It’s probably gonna be used in a sci-fi ,Alien(1979) inspired film in the near future.
Please let me know your thoughts on the mix and all
Thanks :wink:

Hi Masoomi.
I don’t know if it’s something new for you but i would say you did it in style!

  • I love the Intro. Not a lot to say.
    When the melody comes in and develop, between 0:30 and 1:30.
  • I would add that you perhaps could add a few events between 0:30 and 1:00 (was bit too long to me)
    i think you should also use more separation / plans (front, back, left or right) to give more “life” around 1:00.
    Around 1:40, i would enjoy more percussions presence. Not all of them, but at least a few.

Only my taste, of course.

This was a great comment, even though I didn’t apply it I tried all of what you said and as you said, it all came down to taste but also purpose of the song… but now I know why I did what I did, since before I tried your ideas I wasn’t sure…
about the 30 to 1:00 thing I have to agree but then again I was aiming for a very slight representation of what’s gonna happen after the boom(1:00) and increasing the volume on the trumpets and strings took that away. my original song was more mysterious at the cost of becoming a little boring as you said
the stereo separation which I’m new to and have been trying it for the last few month does make the sound more expansive but it comes at a cost, and that is you lose focus and resolution and vividness a little bit, most of the times it’s worth it, but I really need that resolution for my downing bass at 1:00 so it’s a matter of purpose
the percussion presence was again a good point but this time it came down to the difference between scores and standalone music. in scores you try to use as less distracting layers as possible and percussion is the most distracting instrumentation so I decided I’d not change it again.
Thanks for the deep and thoughtful feedback though… I appreciate it!

Yeah! purpose is extremely important. I agree 100%.
You are fully right regarding score & standalone. Even if I try to envision each of my songs, I have no idea about scoring. I’ve never faced such project.

Finally, happy you find some light :slight_smile: