Happy 40th Birthday Daniel!

I’m sure you’ll join me in wishing Daniel a very happy 40th birthday today.

Hopefully he’ll be enjoying the day and not be on the forum! :wink:

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Happy Birthday Daniel!


Happy Birthday Daniel!
Enjoy this beautiful day … it’s YOUR day!!!
I love working with Dorico … I look forward to the great improvements of Dorico … but today enjoy the time without doing any work !!

Happy birthday Daniel!!!

I hope your day is pleasant and relaxing! I hope you take plenty of time for yourself. Your efforts are appreciated by all, but I’m sure you could use a break. Here’s to you!! I’ll drink a pint or 2 (or 3, or 4) in your honor!!


Happy birthday !
They say “life begins at 40”, well, you have accomplished a lot before the beginning of your life !!! Enjoy :smiley:

Happy Birthday to a man of great service to this community!

Happy birthday Daniel!

I hope you don’t read this right now on your special day, you shloud enjoy a day off!


Happy birthday!!

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

We can’t say enough big thanks for the fantastic Dorico you brought to life!


happybirthday.zip (379 KB)
Happy Birthday from Dorico and me!! :smiley:

Cumpleaños Feliz, cumpleaños Feeliz, te deseamos todoos(from Dorico Forum), Cumpleaños Feeliiiiz…

Have you notice the dotted half note of the last i, uh?

Happy 40th birthday, boy! And que cuumplas many moore…

Happy birthday, Daniel! May your day be a happy day with smiles and toys and tea and cake and music!

Happy birthday and Life starts today, as they say.
Relax for a change.

Happy birthday! You and your team are doing an exemplary job of getting this out the door and supporting this community. Thank you.

Happy birthday Daniel! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Happy Birthday, Daniel!

Levente from cold Budapest

Happy birthday Daniel! Greetings from Australia.

And many more!

Goodness Daniel. Where has the time gone…well we know, don’t we?
All the best.