Happy Birthday Daniel! (2021)

Happy Birthday Daniel!!! May your day be peaceful, happy, and relaxing!



Thank you, Robby! :cake: :candle: :four: :five: :candle: :cake:


Very happy birthday too
joy happiness and health
I am always happy to talk with you because you are a very nice person, competent and always listening.

Happy Birthday, Daniel! :four_leaf_clover:

Daniel - have a wonderful day. Repeat often!

Oh! Happy birthday!

Happy Birthday Daniel!

GlĂĽckwunsch zum Geburtstag! (Google translation: Happy birthday!) :slight_smile:

Parabéns Daniel! Feliz aniversário!

Dear Daniel, I wish you a very happy Birthday from Budapest!

A very happy birthday to you, Daniel. We are so indebted to you (and your colleagues, of course)!

I hope your birthday starts a year filled with good health and happiness.

Happy birthday!
Lucky you, having a whole weekend to recover from the party! :clinking_glasses::wink:

Happy Birthday! :birthday: :ice_cream:

Getting old is not for sissies after all. Um, not that any of us would know anything about that…

In Dutch: proficiat en gefeliciteerd!

(Very Little) Present!

xDan.dorico (702.5 KB)

Happy birthday, Daniel! I hope you have a fantastic day. And thanks for all you do!

Happy Birthday! :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :clinking_glasses:
Thanx for patience and support!

Have a great day, and a great year!