Happy Birthday Daniel!!!!

If my memory serves me correctly, Guy Fawkes Day is also Daniel’s birthday…

So if I am correct, happy birthday Daniel! Thanks for all that you do.


Happy Birthday from another ‘born on an big national holiday’ baby - I sympathize :smiley:

Thanks, both! It’s also the eighth anniversary of the Dorico team beginning our work at Steinberg, so an auspicious day all round.

This year, I unexpectedly also got a new national lockdown for my birthday, and I don’t seem to be able to send it back…

I heard that click-and-collect returns are still allowed though, maybe that’ll work.

Hey man, don’t complain, here in the Wild West we could use some more lockdowns! :smiley:

Goodness me, Happy Birthday!

Daniel, we know credit belongs to the whole team, but let me just express my sincere appreciation for the eight-year long effort you all have made. Though no doubt the demands of the present and the past press upon you, I hope you can take a moment and savor what you have accomplished, and also enjoy the fact that there is a great community of people who bless you for it.

In the end it is real people, not caricatures or storybook heroes, who create things.

Happy birthday, and thanks again.

Daniel, Have a wonderful day. Repeat as often as needed!

Unwanted lockdown, huh? Have you tried pressing the L key? Usually works for me… :smiley:

Very best wishes, Daniel!

Snakeeyes021, I think you mean Shift+L… to avoid inadvertent lockdowns. :smiley:

Happy birthday, Daniel!! And congratulations on this anniversary of the team, culminating in such excellent work over the past eight years.

Shift-L is Lyrics. I think snakeeyes mean L in note entry mode.

FWIW I have the same birthday with Daniel. And so does my next door neighbour, oddly enough.

Happy Birthday from Germany! Our Lockdown started on Monday, no refunds accepted yet…

Happy birthday Daniel and Dorico!

And Rob! And Rob’s neighbor!

L in note entry mode, indeed! :laughing:

Happy birthday Daniel and Dorico! …

Happy Birthday Daniel and Dorico!!

Happy Birthday Daniel, thank you for all the joy your work brings to my life :slight_smile:

Late to the party, though hoping Daniel celebrates an octave, I wish both many happy returns and great productivity while locked down!


Happy birthday Daniel! Today, (and only for today) no requests for new features for you! :slight_smile: