Happy Birthday Les Paul

And in case you don’t visit Google much, take a look at it today!

Gone but not forgotten! He would have been 96 today.

Go here (Google’s tribute to Les Paul today), and drag your cursor across the virtual strings:


Happy Birthday Les!

Cheers, Mr Paul.

Sorry. Ma Bad:(

and thank you Les

and thank you Tom for posting.:slight_smile:

Hrrrrmmmp! Second time we’ve been mixed up!

Tom = Woodcrest Studio
Robin = Northwood Mediaworks

Must be the wood we’re sportin’ :laughing:

I wouldn’t really care except that I am better looking! :wink: :mrgreen: :laughing:


Good thread Tom!

So … how’s things at Woodcrest Studio these days?

:wink: :wink: :wink:

I knew there was a reason for my earlier ‘Ma Bad’ post.

Now I know why.

Sorry guys. I’ll be more careful. :slight_smile::):):):slight_smile:


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