Happy Board Birth Day! 3 years....Kinda.

Aloha guys.

(not sure with several board shutdowns/outages but)

Its been three years on this board for me today (12/20)
so I guess it is a sorta 'birthday.

Happy Birthday Steiny board and to all you guys/gals/creatures/entities! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Those three years certainly shot by… cheers - R :sunglasses:

Yep, daunting average amount of posts per day we have Curteye :confused: :sunglasses:

So are you saying this forum has only existed for 3 years then Curteye?

Or is that just how long you’ve been on here?

Aloha j,
That’s another reason I posted: ‘kinda’.

Three years ago the forum was separated PC/Mac.
I had been a forum user for several years back then but only on the Mac side.

Then the forum was combined PC/Mac.
That was the date to which I was referring.

At the time I hated the combination but now I realize
how much more I have learned.

Not only about using a PC but also different approaches from
users I had not read before simply because they are using a different

Ain’t gonna happen but one wish would be a sort of ‘Translation Page’ built into this site
so we could also ‘learn’ stuff from the German side of the forum.


Aloha - C

Yeah, that might be quite good - to hear some techniques, tips & tricks from ‘the other side’. :wink:

I couldn’t possibly count how much I’ve learned just from reading on this & the 2 other DAW forums I first started out on.

It could be possible (another world first) like the protection executor controlling the forum, since it’s all ISO Latin or unicode entities, but it would need a great amount of processing power not unlike resource requirements for on-the-fly encryption.

Use google chrome, then right click on the german text, ask it to translate to english. Some of the translation is weak, but good enough. Replying is another story, but at least you can read this way. I use this for sites all over the world.