Happy Christmas!

A very Happy (and Merry) Christmas to the Dorico team, and an extremely profitable new year in every way!

Hear hear! Thank you for your dedication to the art of music!

Ich auch! Vielen Dank!

And a very merry Christmas from me to you, too!

Unapologetically my gift this year is a tutorial on trills. http://www.rpmseattle.com/of_note/create-½-whole-tone-flat-natural-sharp-trill-lines-in-dorico/

Merry Christmas to the Dorico community!!!

Merry Christmas, the lot of you!

Incidentally, Leo, I’ve just been adding ‘editorial trills’ in square brackets: [tr], which I create as Performance Techniques. I then hide the ‘real’ trill so I can still get playback.

Nice one, Leo!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Merry Christmas!

Fijne kerstmis!

Yes, Merry Christmas to all, with special best wishes to Dorico team members and users!

Frohe Weihnachten! :slight_smile:

And so say all of us!

Joyeux Noël, chers amis Doriciens !

God jul!