Happy Holidays, Steinberg Team!

It’s been a great year with all of the new changes implemented across the board, looking forward to the next year. Absolutely no complaints. Keep up the excellent work.

Happy Holidays to you and your’s. :sunglasses:

Merry Christmas and happy newyear to Steinberg and everyone else :smiley:

Steinberg and everyone else have a very Merry Christmas. I do hope you all receive that one gift
you all want, peace on earth and good will to all our Cubase partners.

Hello everybody,

In name of the whole Steinberg Team: also the best wishes to you !!


+1 to all of that John :sunglasses:

Aloha +1
and ‘Melekalikimaka’ to all.

+1 for a great year full of positive changes. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all!!!

Indeed - I must go along with all of that (mitten and Bane…!) Happy holidays everyone…!

PS:- and as I only dive in here infrequently, from what I’ve seen, if there was a prize for ‘most helpful poster of 2011’ it must IMHO go to you mr. mitten, closely followed by either Audiocave and the ever diligent and knowledgable mr. vic_france. The likes of Split, GargoyleStudio and TwinOak are all great contributors too… :slight_smile:

Conman…? Well, he has a special prize, in a category all his own - he does pop up all over the place doesn’t he…! Sometimes colourful, often confusing, always ready to put the ‘alternative view’. Ha…! You are congratulated none the less, mr. Conman…!

SB (‘visible’ here) employee of the year has to go to JHP (without any doubt…!); closely followed in joint second by ChrisB and Helge Vogt

Cubase does indeed r-r-rock…!

Now, if we could just have… no, NO…! I must stop right there… :slight_smile:

And of course a Very Special prize must go to Brains (some additional rubberised drums perhaps) :laughing:

A very Merry Xmas (or happy holidays if you prefer) to all :stuck_out_tongue:

To the Steinberg team, I totally concur with this, I hope you all have a peaceful Christmas and much success in the new year :slight_smile: .

Cheers to you all,


I appreciate the compliment, but Vic definately deserves the title, IMHO. :sunglasses:

Happy holliday’s everyone

What’s with all the “Happy Holiday” crap? It’s CHRISTMAS for feck’s sake. If you HAVE to avoid the Christian connotation, wish everyone “Happy Holy Days”.

:imp: :imp: :imp:

By the way - Happy Christmas Steiny, and everyone who embraces this most Christian of festivals.

Merry solstice everybody! :slight_smile:

Especially the steibergians that seem to have found the right path this year :sunglasses:

I’m sick as well and hanging in San fran

What are you doing later this week? I’ll drive over and buy you lunch

Out of the dark and into the light… Solstice Greetings to all!

Merry Christmas to those who are into it!

All the best for 2012


Happy Holidays! :smiley:

Yeah, guys, I wish you luck and happiness! :smiley: