Happy new year! (and first question about pedal sign + ad lib.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you wonderful DORICO fans!!

And here’s my first issue in 2021 :wink:
Just wondering…
Why do I not get any text (or in this case ‘ad lib.’) when I enter in the ‘text’ item or in the ‘continuation text’ item?

As you saw (and was suggested on this forum before) you can enter the Ped. sign with unicode and add it in a text item (shift x). But when it’s provided in the Playing Technique and it doesn’t work… that is odd to me.
Or am I doing something wrong or in the wrong order?

Happy New Year Herakles! The “Continuation text” property for pedal lines is for when a pedal line whose sign style is “text” continues onto multiple systems; on the 2nd system onwards, the “Continuation text” appears and is automatically parenthesized. I’m not sure there’s a way of having a “native” pedal line with additional text; perhaps a combination of a separate text object in addition to the pedal line will work, or a dynamic (with modifier text) with the dynamic level hidden.

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