Happy New Year!... and someboby needs to say sorry...!

this is not a tech post…
First: Thank you to all the brave souls, the forum moderators who have to deal with a lot of crap, frustration and anger! not an easy task!
and especially after this disastrous C10 release in the “old year”. i have never seen such an outcry in the forums about a release as this one, especially of the more “pro” users. (at least that is my impression)
so, thank you guys for copping it for the mysterious forces of corporate development, product policy, and R&D behind the well-insulated doors of Yamaha/Steinberg!
besides the obvious plea for a fast and uncomplicated fix for all that mess that had cost me and all the other “early adopters” about $150, i am asking for a straight and simple apology.
yes, Steinberg, if there still exists something of “old fashioned” accountability and sense of integrity now, in this fresh new 2019, is time for you to say:

Dear, loyal Cubase users. we are sorry for this new version of Cubase that caused so much trouble and time wasted AND extra $ for you. it seems somehow things went a bit out of control in R&D and many mistakes were made. sorry for making you, the annually well-paying customer, into an UNPAYED beta-tester for our product. We sincerely apologize and promise to do better with the next update/release. we promise to have our ear more on the ground and listen to your numerous feedbacks and suggestions. after all, YOU are the people dealing with our product on a daily basis.

wouldn’t that be wonderful? it would restore my trust in the company, the product, would make me much more tolerant towards the failings of Steinberg, would inspire me to give better and clearer feedback. it would inspire me to strive for more accountability and integrity in my own life.

well, you may say that i’m a dreamer, but i’m not the only one…

Happy New Year to you All!


Things seem fine here (except that color tool :smiling_imp: which I believe will be revisited soon).

You must have missed the other 1500 threads.

C10 is working fine here. So much so I just deleted 9.5 from the Applications folder. Looking forward to a wonderful new year. Hope everyone has a great new year. Maybe even Cubase will go Agile to help the production along. Peace.

Ummmm nope although I believe it’s more like 150 which seems fairly typical for a major upgrade.

Where do you get that number from? If you check the issue forum there are 576 topics with 2514 posts.
And in general where people also complain that stuff dosent work there are 825 topic with 5463 posts.

If you didn’t like Cubase 10. You should have not been upgraded, and you still free to use C9 anyway.
If you have Bugs, report them, and let Steinberg to continue making Cubase a current and relevant DAW.

…which is exactly what they are failing to do IMHO!

It seems to me that, if you get complainers, they will moan about everything, and ignore this simple premis.
If the MAJORITY of people are more than happy with the new Cubase 10 then there might be something wrong with their set up?
Along with MOST of Cubase 10 users, it works absolutely fine for me, and I really don’t believe I am a lucky one!
Is there a number that will tell us how many Cubase 10 units have been sold worldwide?
I would bet it’s a lot more than 1500!!

I am getting really fed up with all the whinging going on on the forum, so my new years resolution is not to visit it as frequently, because I don’t need to!


All the best,

Jim B

And, by the way, it seems most of the complaint threads are from the same 10-15 people.
Subtract the complaints that are not replicable (i.e. probably an offending plug-in or driver, etc., or something that isn’t really a Cubase problem), the complaints that are just people that don’t like something that changed, and there are only a few things needing fixed. It works great here as well (and I have been using it a fair amount lately).

Say that again

HAPPY NEW YEAR! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to a great 2019 making music with my CB 10. No apology from Steinberg is necessary. I’ll thank them instead.

Regards. :sunglasses: