I just want to say I am happy. Finally got my old rack Yamaha TX81Z to work with software editor through midi>usb interface. The good new is that I can use my midi controller with usb triggeringen midi only synth. The midi interface also make it possible in Cubase 7 to trigger the synth with a midi channel and record audio from synth triggered by quantizied midi. Earlier recording was audio only.
Cubase 7 works perfect. I dont use compression that mutch. Mixing in mono. Only eq. Extern synth from the 80s make me smile :slight_smile:

I’m guessing you’re a cheap date… :laughing:


The Tx81Z still sounds great today. I have one hooked up in my rack. At one point I removed and planned to sell all hardware modules because I was only using virtual instruments. But for various reasons the TG500 and Tx81Z found their way back to the rack.

It’s very cool that an ultra modern DAW like C7 still works with an old sound module.

I like to match old and new gear. Frequency modulation synths have a special sound I like. I mix it with Retrolouge.
I was suprised that the midi interface solved my problem in Cubase. MI as midiout. Rec enable midi channel and it sends midi info to TX81Z(midi in&out > usb, MI cable).
Stereo track routed to audio in from TX81Z (bus input 3,4). Monitor audio channel. Record a midi part > quantize. Then record the audio part. :slight_smile:

I am a cheep date with bad gear :wink:

Recommend to watch this master in mastering