Hard copy Manual CUBASE PRO

Hi Guys.

Please give us a hard copy manual for Cubase Pro.

It really make sense to have the manual avalaible as book. PDF sucks.

I will buy it if you guys make it avaliable. PLEASE.

Aloha L,

If you do a forum search you will find that
this issue has been requested by a number of users
quite a few times in the past.

Currently I see no evidence that this will happen anytime soon. If ever.

Some users have suggested taking the PDF file to a ‘Kinko’s’ type copy place
and have them printed it out and bind it for you but the downside is; cost may be an issue.

Good Luck!

Pages are added and changed with every update. Your printed manual would be out of date every time bug fixes or an upgrade is released. Plus, PDF search functions are faster and topics are so much easier to find via software. I hear you though. Nothing makes better bathroom reading than a 500+page software manual. :wink:

OK I’m never borrowing your iPAD …:stuck_out_tongue:

You guys may be right.
I will keep that in mind. Cheers