hard crash

Hello everyone,

i was working on a project when suddendly cubasis quits.
i tried several times to reopen it, the cubasis logo appears and then is shows a black screen. could not do anything but quit. i close the app using the double click, and the red bar with “cubase (recording)” still appears on the top of the ipad.
try to reboot also, but same bug.

i’m unable to open any project, by luck i’ve made a backup of every songs.

what can i do ? do i have to reinstall the app ?

thanks for your help.


I know how you feel. I’m experiencing enormous number of cubasis crashes too.
Go to church and ask the lord to make steinberg fix the app.
Welcome to cubasis “betta” users club! Enjoy yourself and kiss your money goodbye.

Hi popalauda,

Could you please send us your crash logs?


i’ve synced the ipad but the crash reporter folder is empty…weird ???

it seems that the problem was the name of the files.
as i’m french i’ve used “à” or “é” or “ê” in several file’s name. cubasis doesnt seem to like it.
so i’ve renamed my backup projects files and everything works like a charm.

thanks a lot,