Hard Drive failure! :-(

But I was 100% backed up! :smiley:

Thank Gawd for backupping!

When’s the last time you backed up?

According to my “Time Machine” menu drop down, 42 minutes ago! :laughing:

Right on! Ain’t it nice when things work great when they break? :wink:

was it your operating system drive ,what was on your drive ? audio .how long had it lasted you and did you use the drive every day, all day.what make was it.

As long as it was just the porn drive :laughing:

For especially a serious operation, or even not so serious, I don’t know why anyone would NOT back things up :bulb:


Whatever happened to philter? He used to be our friendly backup reminder.

I was wondering the same thing. What happened to “philter”?

that`ll be the one dripping gunk and smelling weird

Brother Phil asked me to convey this message:



it must have been a relief and thrill when you got it up and running again, which backup program did you use.

I wish Phil was active here again. He was a model lounger.

I back up less regularly than I should, but at least I back up.

Hope you have fully recovered, Woodcrest Studios.

Mac: super duper and time machine
PC: true image

I learned my lesson about 12 years ago!

Hi…so by using true image you were able to replace your previous hard drive in total…no re installing of anything?

At systemstart. Next time will be systemshutdown.

is that an answer to my question…? I’m not a techie so i don’t quite understand what you mean :blush:
does this True image backup mean I just recover the C drive with everything on it…no further installing of anything?

another daft question (probably) if C drive has crashed presumably you’ve lost True Image so how does one instigate the recovery?

would appreciate an answer in laymans terms if poss please, I’m not backed up and this has made realise I need to get something going… :slight_smile:


With true image, you create a boot CD. If the o.s. drive fails, this will give you the ability to restore the backup. The backup is an “image” of the drive. The image holds everything that was on the drive when you backed it up. You insert the new drive and restore the image on it.

Basically, I went to staples, bought a drive and popped it into one of the bays, booted the machine, restored the image, opened the machine to swap the drive. Done.

I have external data bays that make drive swapping and backups easy:


thank you for that answer…gonna get on it!!!