Hard drive. Journaled or not? (playback situation only)

Aloha guys. Need a lil advice here.

I use a laptop (see sig) in a live setting
for playing back ‘tracks’ using C6.

No recording. Playback only. No audio tracks. VSTI’s only.

Audio interface is an M-Audio 410 with a FireWire 400 connection.

Everything works fine and has for years but I am now wondering if the HD should be
‘journaled’ or not.

I keep reading conflicting reports about this.

Any info anyone?


IMHO I would suggest to have an external hard disk for the instruments data formatted as non journaled.You would
make things even faster replacing the optical drive with an hard disk dadicated to sample content.I have done that to my mac mini not for sample content but for recording purposes .For the os partition I would leave it journaled


Hi Curteye…

Well, since journaling is a sort of file system log that keeps track of changes to the disk directory, if you are not copying, duplicating, creating or deleting files whether it is on or off becomes a moot point. So since you ask in the context of playback only, the advantages of journaling outweigh any possible speed hit, so it’s a definite “yes” to leaving it on.

After reading articles at apple.com and other sites, (which is probably what you read too… there is not that much out there)

This article talks about it from an engineering perspective, http://osxbook.com/book/bonus/misc/optimizations/

Also, Glyph (high-end pro audio drives manufacturer) itself recommends having journaling turned on for all drives. http://glyphtech.com/support/kb/questions/18/What+is+the+Mac+OS+Journaled+File+System%3F

Companies that understand the workings of it say to leave it on, and the recommendations to turn it off appear obsolete.

Aloha guys and tanx for the info